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Terms, Conditions and Policy

Before using any service of ADS please read carefully, understand each and every Terms, Conditions and Policy of ADS and accept them. While using any service of ADS it will be auto applicable to the clients.


  1. ADS provides package basis ad. So you must understand the package properly before ordering any ad package
  2. You must get the claimed result of your ad which is mentioned on the package


  1. You will get a standard report when ad package is completed
  2. We do not provide any intermediate ad status before completion of any ad package


  1. After getting the ad result if you find any anomalies of your ad compared to the ad package, then you can submit a complain to this link: . We will review your complain, solve the issue and knock you.
  2. Complain must be submitted through ADS complain form. Any other way will not be accepted
  3. Complain must be raised within 7 days after getting ad report


  1. ADS is 100% prepaid service. There is no opportunity of due payment for any situation
  2. You should pay to ADS by ADS prepaid debit card which can be recharged by (a) bKash (b) Bank deposit

Return policy:

  1. Return of any ad package is only possible when due to any policy violation or Technical problem ADS surrender that package

Ad design and content:

  1. Ad design and content should follow standard ad guideline. Any deviation should be rejected
  2. Ad having minor deviation from standard ad guideline may be activated but advertiser should take all responsibilities and ADS will not take any responsibility of that ad
  3. Ad design and content creation is not the concern of ADS. ADS will not take any charge from advertiser for this purpose. ADS only charges for publication. But ADS may help advertiser in this purpose from library elements which must bear ADS self branding as sponsor. Alternatively ADS self branding may be removed by paying claimed charges


  1. Advertiser must allow sufficient time to ADS so that we can follow our standard and quality. Ad will be active within 24 hours after submission of required content although in some cases it may be prolonged.


  1. ADS is responsible for ad publishing issue. ADS doesn’t ensure any sales related issue
  2. New advertiser may publish up to 10 ads by manual method. After publishing 10 ad, the advertiser must use ADS prepaid debit card and ADS account to order ad. ADS will not take any responsibilities beyond this rule
  3. ADS has right to reject any AD
  4. ADS is not responsible for the content, service or quality of any ad
  5. All rights reserved by ADS

Acceptance: You must understand and accept each and every Terms and conditions of ADS before order. If you order any service of ADS then it will be assumed that you have understood and accepted each and every Terms and conditions of ADS.

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